Story Charmer

I assisted Pema Teeter with the initial launch and ongoing updates to her WordPress website and MailChimp campaign, tweaking this and that, integrating different services, and showing her how. Pema described me as a ‘hilarious character,’ which may have been sometime after I convinced her to bring me along on a roadtrip to Seattle to return a large velvet painting of a very sad American Indian to a friend.

Created simple standalone page to gather email addresses for upcoming event

Using existing header image, site colors, and Pema’s fantastic copy, I hand coded this simple page to appear on its own without the site header, sidebar, and footer, integrating the signup form with a new group in an existing MailChimp list.


Designed badges for blog series and highlighted event and added email signup to sidebar

Pema and I went through a number of design revisions to get these badges exactly right for linking to her different month-long blog series. I also added the simple MailChimp form as a text widget in her sidebar.

Customized MailChimp forms

MailChimp forms were customized to match site colors and use conditional merge tags to send specific information to new signups for event-related emails.