World Pulse

World Pulse is a digital media network that aims to connect women worldwide and bring them a global voice. My role as Technology Associate incorporated many different functions to meet the shifting needs of a small nonprofit, from ensuring ecommuncations sent to outside audiences of 20,000+ contacts were pixel perfect to designing and editing a variety of assets for print and the web.

▲ Web ▼

Icons designed for new website feature

These icon designs went through an approval process with the World Pulse staff so they fully matched the look and feel of the site, using set site colors and program branding to ensure continuity.
WP icon design


Social media engagement

This image was designed to encourage social media audiences to join and engage with the online community to earn their own badges.
WP Facebook design

A header designed for an email campaign and posted to facebook.
WP Facebook design

Email Campaigns

Examples of different email campaigns used to engage the greater World Pulse audience. I worked with the programs team to program and implement email campaigns, using and tweaking existing templates, photoshopping images where necessary, and pulling everything together.
WP Facebook design

WP Email

WP Email banner

▲ Print ▼

Event signage and QA cards

I was a go-to troubleshooter for the staff, able to pitch in on projects on demand, including creating these print pieces with existing World Pulse colors & branding for an event in Portland.
WP print design

WP print sample

▲ Video ▼

I recreated and added this introduction title for a video that I edited for length.
WP video edit